CD: Crooked Still’s “Some Strange Country”

(Signature Sounds, 2010):

Old is new. And new is old. That’s how it sounds on Crooked Still’s brand new album, “Some Strange Country.”

Or maybe not. Maybe it all just simply sounds timeless.

The band’s fourth album sounds simultaneously ancient and thoroughly modern, balancing a solid set of traditional songs with an equally impressive brace of original tunes and an unexpected, disc-closing cover of the Rolling Stones’ “You Got the Silver.”

They come from a bluegrass perspective, but ultimately, their music takes on more of a progressive-acoustic meets chamber-ensemble approach that may be taken at a breakneck breakdown tempo (as in “Calvary”) but is always played with more precision than frenzy.

Nonetheless, the band’s instrumental prowess is in full awe-inspiring mode here – Brittney Haas’ soaring five-string fiddling, Tristan Clarridge’s free-wheeling cello playing, the rock-steady, jazz-flecked anchor of Corey DiMario’s doghouse bass and the inventive, five-string banjo sparkle ‘n’ chug of Gregory Liszt (yes, he’s the banjo man from Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions tour).

And yet, the album’s focus is squarely on vocalist Aoife O’Donovan (a graduate of the New England Conservatory), who brings an uncommonly intimate passion to her singing. Never too straight-laced. Never too free-form. Just right in the pocket, drawing listeners in deeper and deeper with each song.

This is mighty fine stuff, highly recommended for fans of envelope-pushing acoustic music.

Crooked Still celebrates the release of “Some Strange Country” with a performance at Club Helsinki Hudson in Hudson at 8pm on Wednesday. Opening the show is young bluegrass-folk phenom Sarah Jarosz. Tix are $15.

  1. LP says

    This sounds like a good one. If I could request a review….the new one by George Muscatello.
    I heard it pushes the envelope also. Where can I buy it?

  2. Greg says

    Not sure exactly what’s holding up the release of Muscatello’s CD, but hopefully we’ll hear something soon from the fine folks at Collar City Records. I have heard the album , however, and I can tell you this, LP – The music does more than just push the envelope. In fact, I don’t believe there’s an envelope around anywhere that’s strong enough to contain the stuff that George is unleashing.

  3. Collar City Records says


    The George Muscatello album will be available as soon as tomorrow via the Collar City Records website. If you’d prefer a digital copy, this album should be hitting iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and the like next Tuesday, May 24th.

    The release date got bumped up just a bit due to a certain profile of George from a certain alt-weekly we all know and love that will be on newsstands tomorrow…

    Thanks for your interest!

  4. Greg says

    Thanks for clearing that up for us, Mr./Ms. Collar City Records. I knew there would be a logical explantion. Now I guess we’ll all have to go out and buy the Altamont Pennysaver tomorrow.

  5. Collar City Records says

    No problem!

    Sorry about the extra-mystery behind this record!

    A bit unavoidable, but somehow befitting to the energy surrounding it.

    Pennysaver pg. 156 — you’ll see G there…

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