Win Two Tickets for Ben Williams & Sound Effect @ Spa Little Theatre, 5/22/10

Ben WilliamsSorry, we completely forgot we had these tickets to give away. (Nippertown Headquarters has been Calamity Town this past week, with hot water problems, car transmission problems, big tree falling down problems and, most importantly, coffee pot problems. We’ve been a little preoccupied.)

You can win two tickets to see Ben Williams and Sound Effect @ SPAC this Saturday night (May 22). Bassist Williams is young – just 25 – and red hot, having recently won the oh-so-prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition.

Just leave a comment suggesting some chillout music for your stressed-out editors. Be sure to leave a real email address (it won’t show up on the site) so we can contact you if you win. We’ll pick a name at random tomorrow. Please, please, we could use some mellowing-out tuneage. Thank you. Congratulations to Rose! (And thanks for all the listening suggestions; we’re calmly, peacefully, with Zen-like tranquility, wading through them.)

  1. NowhereMan says

    Relax (Sorry, best I could come up with!)

  2. TL says

    May I suggest Ed Alleyne-Johnson “Ultraviolet”. A digitally recorded live performance with no backing tapes, overdubs or re-mixing. All sounds on the recording produced completely live using a Purple 5 string Electric Violin designed and built by Ed Alleyne-Johnson, digital delays and effects pedals. Perfect Chill music! I have other plans that night (busy music weekend in town) so can’t use the tickets, but thought you may need the recommendation…

  3. Sara says

    And a big sloppy kiss for you…

  4. LiLi says

    I like Enigma MCMXC A.D.

    Sorry, can’t use the tix though Tim’s working.

  5. Kim says

    “In C” by Terry Riley, which I just saw last week at Williams College, THANKS FOR THE TIP.

  6. Rose Brennan says

    My choice…Kind of Blue-Miles Davis…A mustt have an perfect to chill to!

  7. Rose Brennan says

    …and perfect to chill to…Oh, and I don’t really get out much but will use the tickets -I promise!

  8. Elizabeth Friedman says

    Chillout with a little Melody Gardot …. first pops to mind, “Les Etoiles” from her “My One and Only Thrill” album …. sit back, close your eyes and imagine the blanket of stars across the night sky … all whilst sipping a nice glass of wine …. AAAAAhhhhhhh…..

    And don’t forget to listen to the full orchestra version … absolutely wonderful.

    Love to attend Ben Williams …. awesome … but he’s been playing with one of my favorites, of course, Terence Blanchard.

  9. Rose Brennan says

    Me again…Heard your call so I must assume Miles was not your style.
    My son is 17 and plays the sax at his school jazz band. It would be so great to attend this with him because Ben is so young as well.

    So another recommendation for chillin’ would then be, Motown Legends Vol 2 a compilation of the masters of Motown sound including ~Marvin Gaye, The temptations, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Smokey Robinson, & Stevie Wonder~ A truly wonderful way to sit and chill, but before the end of your listening session,you may not be sitting still!
    Rose (again)

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