Win Two Tickets to the SPAC Battle of the Bands!

SPAC Battle of the BandsIt ain’t summer until the Saratoga Performing Arts Center kicks off its season – which means that summer starts on Friday when SPAC hosts its first ever battle of the bands.

10 bands will be duking it out for top honors – and the audience gets to help decide who wins the grand prize. is giving away a pair of tix for the big battle, so you can support your fave band in the competition. Just hit the comment button below and tell us who you think will win the big SPAC Battle. Be sure to include your email address (which won’t be published), so we can contact you if you win. Congratulations to Rubypet!

Will it be Vesper? The Mighty Nautilus? Branchwater? Mirk & the New Familiars? Center of Detention? The Folkadelics? Orchard? Filming Ohio? Saving Atlantis? Miracle of Madness?

The battle begins at 6pm on Friday at the Spa Little Theatre.

  1. Rubypet says

    mirk and the new familiars will win that contest.

  2. Kelly says

    I’m going with Vesper. That’s one cool video.

  3. FrankF says

    Seconding Mirk and the New Familiars.

  4. Brett Brown says

    Orchard is going to take it.

  5. RB says

    Orchard deserves to win but good luck with the tools judging that show.

  6. JC says

    I’m Vesperized…..

  7. Andrew Gregory says

    I’m thinking Mirk will pull the win, but the dark horse may be Saving Atlantis

  8. Caroline says

    Vesper, definitely.

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