Caffe Lena Photo of the Day

That fabulous, little, unpretentious second-floor coffeehouse at 47 Phila Street in Saratoga Springs has been in operation for 50 years now, and over the course of that half-century, Caffe Lena has hosted some of the finest talent to be found anywhere – from Bob Dylan to Emmylou Harris, from Spalding Gray to Ani DiFranco. is pleased as punch to be a small part of the Caffe’s 50th anniversary celebration by publishing one of the fabulous photographs from the rich archives of house soundman/photographer Joe Deuel each day this month.

Here’s one of Joe’s photos of Lena Spencer – the heart and soul, as well as the founder and manager, of the Caffe from 1960 until her death in 1989:

Lena Reading

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