Last Call at Rev Hall?

Revolution Hall Sign
We’ve got no idea what Revolution Hall is planning to do, but it looks pretty obvious that a big season of shows is one thing that won’t be on tap there this summer.

The “calendar of events” on Rev Hall’s website has shrunk to just about nothing:

1. Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann leads 7 Walkers into the Hall on Thursday with the McLovins opening the show.

2. A memorial concert for Nick Castle takes place on Sunday, June 6 with performances by Kookarooza, Short of a Miracle, Casanova Frankenstein and the Disco Boys, Lovesick Nomads, Electrick Noise, Dawn of the Hero, Castle and Crashing Funerals.

3. And Sirsy celebrates its new record deal with Funzalo Records with a party and performance on Friday, June 11, with Brittany Robichaud & Suite 24 opening.

And that’s it.

There’s nothing else on tap, and the Super 400 show – originally announced for Friday, July 30 – has been cancelled.

We are very sad…

Go here for a little more history on this year’s turn of events at Revolution Hall.

  1. Scott C. says

    What a drag. Such a great venue, I hope this is just a bump in the road and they get it together and realize what they have there. I’m not from your town, but every show I saw there was a real treat. Well, at least I have my memories of Kings Of Leon, Dave Alvin, James McMurtry and others, but especially NRBQ (the last time the boys ever played in the area–snif!) and Tony Clifton & The Katrina-Kiss-My-Ass Orchestra.

  2. LP says

    Please noooooooo……..not again!!! Accoustics with a bar and great micro brew. Many great memories ….NRBQ, Jim Weider, Dumpsterphunk, Medeski Martin & Wood, just to name a few.

  3. aj says

    It is such an amazing place to see a show. I hope they start scheduling shows again.

  4. LiLi says

    I only went there twice and I really didn’t care for the place. I like to be near the stage — seated (because of my back) but when we dragged out some folding chairs that we found we were told that there aren’t supposed to be chairs there and they wanted to take them away from us. Luckily Tim’s kinda imposing, so when the guy there insisted we give them up, Tim insisted that we keep the chairs and the guy let up.

  5. Smug Lynn Plums says

    So much for “roar back” and “better than ever”… great job, stacy!

  6. skfl says

    What a bummer – such a cool space with great potential just sitting idle…

  7. Mary says

    Apparently they are closing in June. I love shows there and am very sad to see them shutting their doors. It’s one of the only venues in this area that brings in great bands that I truly enjoy going to. I’ve seen so many great bands there.

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