Other Voices, Other Rooms

We know you’re just marking time until the holiday weekend starts, so here’s a tour of some other Nippertown arts and entertainment spaces:

AlbanyJazz has photos from the Ben Williams show @ SPAC and previews of upcoming jazz shows and workshops.

Berkshire on Stage takes a close look at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2010 schedule.

Get Visual has a indepth look at Michael Millspaugh’s show @ Lake George Arts Project.

HudsonSounds has listings of upcoming classical and contemporary music.

GailSez has a review of Julius Caesar @ Shakespeare & Company and The Prisoner of Second Avenue @ The Ghent Playhouse.

Berkshire Fine Arts has a preview of the Berkshire International Film Festival coming up next week.

At Metroland, you can think about Defriending Facebook and peruse B.A.Nilsson’s special section on outdoor dining.

Rural Intelligence has a profile of Taste, the new not-Mexican cafe at Hudson Supermarket and previews Gail Sheehy’s “Chasing The Tiger, starring Jill Clayburgh and Edward Herrmann, slated for a one-night-only beneift performance next week

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