I’m Ready for My Close-up…

EMPAC at RPI in Troy is hosting an open call for auditions for “Cold Spring” – a new stage production by composer-director Sean Griffin’s – from 9am-9pm on Thursday.

The new production will have its world premiere at EMPAC on Friday, December 3.

Specifically, the production is seeking:

1. Senior character actors with experience
2. Young actors who can deal with movement
3. Unique talents (musical or other physical training) of all ages

Each audition will last 10-15 minutes. Please schedule your audition in advance by contacting Zhenelle Falk at 518.276.4036 or [email protected] Walk-ins will be seen as the schedule allows. Please bring along your CV/resume and headshot with you to the audition.

So just what is “Cold Spring”? Well, here’s how the folks at EMPAC describe the “multi-faceted performance event”:

“Texts and performances assembled from a broad array of sources from the American Eugenics Archive, pop-culture and local theater productions are staged into an anxious and unresolved historical reinterpretation.

“This work ties together performative orthodoxies from performance artists and opera singers in Los Angeles, actors from Chicago, local theater productions and music ensembles. Griffin weaves these often-conflicting performance styles into a complex, sometimes humorous, sometimes frightening operatic spectacle.”

Yeah, we’re not sure what the hell any of that means, either. But it sure does sound pretty out-there, and that’s just fine with us…

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