Here Comes Da Judge…

Judge's InnLast month, we wrote about the delays and frustration that some trying-to-open-their-doors venues have experienced in obtaining their liquor license.

But at least one new Nippertown venue has finally gotten everything squared away. The Judge’s Inn in Troy – which had its non-alcoholic soft-opening back on Thursday, May 20 – finally has its license in hand. They began serving a full complement of beer, wine and cocktails on Friday, June 4.

Artie Fredette – formerly of Positively Fourth Street, which closed its doors back on Saturday, March 27 – is at the helm at the Judge’s Inn, so in addition to drinks and food, you know that live music is going to be on the menu, too.

The Judge’s Inn – located at 254 Broadway in troy, the site of the former Golden Fox restaurant – gears up its stage and sound system for the first time at 8:30pm on Friday. The Erin Harkes Band headlines the opening bash with Maurizio opening the show. Admission is $5.

Welcome back, Artie!

  1. Karen says

    I wonder if he’s going to post right wing political stuff on the Judge’s Inn facebook page as he did on the site for Positively 4th Street. Stopped going there after he posted the 10th or so comment about our “socialist” president. Here’s a tip — want to draw people to your local establishment? Perhaps you shouldn’t alienate half your potential audience by broadcasting your political views.

  2. CC says

    Agree with you – real annoying.

  3. DaveB says

    I don’t disagree with you, in that I find Facebook proclamations about politics distasteful; you’re basically yelling your political views at an entire crowd. You’d never do that in real life, because it would be rude.

    That said, do you really expect everyone in America to have your same point of view? I mean, where’s the fun in arguing politics if all your friends have the same viewpoint?

  4. Frank says

    following up on Saturday night at The Judge’s Inn, Burgh Nite Out……The Knyghts of Fuzz and The Mysteios, yes the music is back

  5. Karen says

    I’m not talking about friends… I have plenty of friends on both sides of the aisle. I’m saying that if you’re a business, and you choose to promote your business by publicizing things like “socialist night” to mock the president’s visit to Hudson Valley Community College, then don’t expect me and the rest of the Dems/left-of-center folk around here to feel comfortable coming to your establishment.

  6. john brierley says

    Whatever your veiws of our nation are,The Judges Inn is still a great place. This is America. We still have the right to free speech. Just ask Barbra Strisand or Bono;oh wait he’s not American.But he sure acts like one…..

  7. R Millis says

    gee, the guy’s barely open , yet I suddenly have zero urge to walk in the place and hand him a dollar bill. ‘

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