Be Here Now: Symphony of Carpenters @ Topia Arts Center, 6/12/10

Symphony Of Carpenters
In what we’re guessing will be a sort of Tom Sawyer meets Stomp kind of evening, the Topia Arts Center in Adams is building a stage extension and performance platform in their new performance space.

But in a brilliant bit of fundraising, The Symphony of Carpenters construction project will double as a performance event described as “a percussive symphony of construction with the carpenters shaking bags of nails, hammering, drilling and performing a variety of choreographed sonic events to a live audience. During the show Lara Gonzalez & Yael Shacham of Marafanyi will perform on a drumset assembled by Bill Champman with kids from found objects.”

Additionally, everyone involved in the project (carpenters, staff, volunteers, audience members) will have an opportunity to sign their names on the boards that will be fastened down as the finale of the show, solidifying the foundation of the stage as well as the Topia Arts Center community.

Tickets are $15 at the door, and if you can’t make it, you can still sponsor a carpenter as part of their fundraising efforts.

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