Adrian Belew, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Adrian Belew
“Well, the first single I bought – it wasn’t an album – was by Roy Orbison. It was ‘Pretty Woman,’ and it had ‘It’s Over’ on the flip side, which is an incredibly emotional, high-impact song.

But I’m pretty sure that the first album I ever bought was probably ‘Rubber Soul.’ I know that kind of sounds late, but up to that point I think I mostly listened to my friends’ records. But the first one that I really remember buying myself in a store was ‘Rubber Soul’ – of course, a Beatles record.

Obviously, the Beatles had a big influence on my generation of musicians and writers, and I’m one of those.”

Guitar master Adrian Belew brings his solo multimedia show, “Painting With Guitar,” to The Linda in Albany at 8pm on Saturday. Tix are $22. He also performs at 8pm on Sunday at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. Joey Eppard opens the show, and tix are $25.

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