New SPAC Concert: Kiss & Make-Up

Yes, Live Nation is pinning a lot of its hopes for the Saratoga Performing Arts Center on those time-honored classic heritage artists. But at least Kiss still isn’t as lame as Chicago or the Doobie Brothers.

That’s right, Kiss – the leather ‘n’ make-up-clad titans of arena rock who have nothing more on their minds than rock ‘n’ rolling all night and partyin’ every day – are headed into SPAC at 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 17.

Opening the show will be the Academy Is… and the Envy.

With reserved seats priced at $46.50, $76.50 & $131, tix are slated to go on sale at 10am Saturday; lawn tix are $26.50.

  1. LiLi says

    RE: “isn’t as lame”

    Hey there, KISS isn’t lame!

    Ah, the KISS dolls…never had those. Most of my KISS stuff is scattered to the four winds. I have a KISS magnet that I really liked until my cat got a hold of it and chewed it. By the time I found it, she had beheaded Peter and Paul.

  2. Scott C. says

    Lili, Gene Simmons of KISS™ will be glad sell you a complete set of new KISS™ dolls, KISS™ magnets, a KISS™ kitty carrier or anything else your little heart (and big wallet) desires!

  3. Andrew Gregory says

    I like the KISS Mr Potato Head set…

  4. LiLi says

    Scott: Yeah, I don’t think Gene missed a thing to put the logo on. One thing that can be said about him, he’s one smart guy and knows how to make a buck. His biography (on the Biography channel) was amazing to see how his mind works and where he came from.

    Andrew: I like them too.

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