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Susan Mikula: American Vale #17
Susan Mikula: American Vale #17

Susan Mikula: American Vale @ Ferrin Gallery, Pittsfield. In this series of recent photographs that explore the beauty American industrial sites and the landscapes they shape, Mikula manually controls the exposures of the Polaroid cameras she uses to create painterly and impressionistic imagery. In addition to the photographic prints, Mikula is presenting images from American Vale on a series of editioned ceramic plates and in several unique, locket-like objects. Artist reception Saturday, June 26, 4-6pm.

Couples @ Ferrin Gallery, Pittsfield. A group show of painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture by pairs of visual artists. In their statements, many artists discuss how their personal relationship affects their work and lives. Artists include Randall Deihl and Nancy Hill, Peter Dudek and Monika Sosnowski, Warner Friedman and Janet Rickus, Michael Glier and Jenny Holzer, Sergei Isupov and Kadri Pärnamets, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, Scott Prior and Nanny Vonnegut, Katia Santibanez and James Siena, and Mara and Roy Superior. Moderated discussion with Leslie Ferrin and attending artists, Thursday, July 1, 7–8pm. Artist reception Saturday, June 26, 4-6pm. (Through July 25)

(left) Laurel Sucsy and (right) Ben Butler @ John Davis Gallery
(left) Laurel Sucsy and (right) Ben Butler @ John Davis Gallery

Summer Show @ John Davis Gallery, Hudson. Five separate solo exhibitions: Roberto Juarez in the main gallery; Ben Butler in the sculpture garden, and works by three artists in separate floors of the carriage house: Laurel Sucsy (paintings), Pamela Cardwell (paintings) and Paul Hamann (photographs). Opening reception June 26, 6-8pm. (Through July 18)

Douglass Truth
Douglass Truth @ Lichtenstein Center For The Arts

Pittsfield Art Show Invitational Exhibit @ Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Pittsfield. A month-long juried invitational exhibit of artists selected from the Pittsfield Art Show entrants, including Nancy Coleman, Sarah Cunningham, Stephen Dankner, June Ferrin, John Gampert, Ulrike Grannis, Noelle Horsfield, Elsa Karr, Sean McCusker, Susan Robinson, Allan Seppa, H. David Stein and Douglass Truth. Opening reception Saturday, June 26, 5-7pm. (Through July 18)

Julia Morgan-Leamon: Potting Bench at Blanford @ Studio 21 South
Julia Morgan-Leamon: Potting Bench at Blanford @ Studio 21 South

Common Places @ Studio21South, North Adams. Local and regional artists engaged in the longstanding artistic tradition of finding visual poetry in the everyday. Artists include Bob Lafond, Henry Buerckholtz, Julia Morgan-Leamon and Thor Wickstrom. Opening reception June 26, 3-7pm. (Through July 25)

Also noted:

Tonight (Friday) is the fabulous Troy Night Out arts walk in downtown Troy.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Art on Lark in Albany; Lark Street between State and Madison will be hopping with art vendors and music.

Last Chance To See:

World War 3 Illustrated @ The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy. 30th anniversary exhibition of America’s longest running political comic book. (Through June 26)

Mark, Paper, Scissors @ Roos Arts, Rosendale, featuring works by Jason Gubbiotti, Travis Head, Nancy Murphy Spicer, Mia Pearlman, Adie Russell, Erik Schoonebeek and Tamara Zahaykevich. (Through June 26)

The Figure Five Ways @ Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs. A figurative exhibition featuring contemporary artists Hugo Crosthwaite, Michael Ferris, Jr., Susan Jamison, Sophie Jodoin, and Emily Metzguer. (Through June 27)

Daughters of Venus @ Windham Fine Arts, Windham. All-woman show inspired by Venus, Roman goddess of beauty, love. featuring 20 works by Marlene Rye abstract landscape paintings as well as works by Leslie Bender, Christine Debrosky, Lindsay Frei, Elissa Gore and Emily Thing. (Through June 27)

Lisa Kessler: Seeing Pink
Lisa Kessler: Seeing Pink

Lisa Kessler: Seeing Pink and Elliot Ross: Animal @ Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson. Lisa Kessler’s documentary-style photographs examine the social and cultural meanings of the color pink in America, while Elliot Ross applies digital manipulations to his photographs to develop mysterious portraits of animals. (Through June 27)

Michael Oatman: Nutrition Error
Michael Oatman: Nutrition Error

Selections From The Cultural Corridor V @ Storefront Artist Project, Pittsfield. A a sampling of artists who work, live, and otherwise have connections to the area, this 5th installment of the Cultural Corridor exhibition features the work of 7 regional artists: Joshua Field, Lisa Desrosiers, Jessica Hess, Holly Lynton, Michael Oatman, Jennifer Reeves and David Ricci. (Through Sunday, June 27)

Keith Carter @ Galerie BMG
Keith Carter @ Galerie BMG

Keith Carter: By Twilight @ Galerie BMG, Woodstock. Intensely personal and moving portraits of the noted photographer’s mother during the last year of her life as she descended into Alzheimer’s disease. (Through June 28)

Roger Mason: Two Awnings
Roger Mason: Two Awnings

Roger Mason @ The Harrison Gallery, Williamstown. Rich and colorful paintings that show a fascination with light and shadow. Opening reception: Saturday, June 5, 5-7pm. Also opening: Williams College Alumni Class of ’75, a group show featuring Susan Read Cronin, Mike Glier, Channing Lowe, Walter Matia and Ned Reade, with an artists reception on Saturday, June 12, 4-6pm. (Through June 30)


Mean Streets: The Drawings of Dino Danelli @ Feast Gallery, Saratoga Springs. See our preview here and our review here. (Through June 31)

eff Briggs: At the End of the Street My Parents Live On #1
Jeff Briggs: At the End of the Street My Parents Live On #1

Dots, Lines and Figures @ Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson. Paintings by Jeff Briggs and Ben Shecter, mixed media works by Donise English and bronze sculptures by Michael McLaughlin. (Through July 4)

strong>7th Anniversary Exhibitt Varga Gallery, Woodstock. Artists include Bronson Eden, Lynn Fliegel and Jon Singer. (Through July 4)

More Light: New Work by Martha Llody @ BCB ART, Hudson. Also on display will be a group exhibition of gallery artists — including work by Jef Bourgeau, Liz Ainslie, Garth Evans, Erik Hansen, Marco Badot Elaine Langerman, Ching Ho Cheng, John Foxx, Jim Goss, Fred Scruton and others. (Through July 4)

Michael Boroniec: Crude Awakening
Michael Boroniec: Crude Awakening @ Ferrin Gallery

Michael Boroniec: Crude Awakening @ Ferrin Gallery, Pittsfield. Inspired by the Gulf oil disaster, an evolving sculpture installation depicting oil drenched birds and other objects. (Through July 8)

Lependorf + Shire: LI
Lependorf + Shire: LI

Lependorf & Shire: Field of View @ Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson. Shelly Lependorf and Stan Shire collaborate on digital photographs that focus on the magical qualities of light in natural settings. (Through July 11)

For You @ The Tang Teaching Museum, Saratoga Springs. Inspired by Bruce Ottmer, who shared a painting by his late wife with passersby on an Albany street when he could not find a venue to exhibit it. Artists include Arnold Bittleman, Harvey Brockley, Christine Carey, Thyra Ekwall, Louis H. Epstein, Miriam Fleisher, Charles Curtiss Inscho, Charles Leroy Inscho, James Jira, Gayle Johnson, Elizabeth Agnes Marshall, Louis Mastro, Claire Durani Nack, Shirley Panza, Henry B. Rehder, Sr., Ann M. Roberts, Suzanne Shepard, Kathi Smith, Joseph Peter Spakofski, Dorothy Stevenson, Lee Teich, Helen Van Wyk, Kristi Ward and Marjorie Beach Wight. (Through July 11, with a second group show opening July 17)

Sebastien Barre: Starlight Music Theatre, Latham, NY
Sebastien Barre: Starlite Music Theatre, Latham, NY

Sebastien Barre: The Unnoticed @ Uncommon Grounds, Albany. In his first solo exhibition, Sebastien Barre’s photographs tenderly examine the beauty of decay, as well as hope for renewal, in abandoned urban and rural spaces. (Through July 13)

Slowinski: Demon Nun
Slowinski: Demon Nun

Slowinski Dogma, Wotipka Surrealism and French-Unfoldings @ Limner Gallery, Hudson. A triple-header of extraordinary surrealist painters: Tim Slowinksi, John Wotipka and Timothy French. (Through July 31)

The Art of Resiliency @ Social Art Gallery, Albany. Featuring work by Reinhard Straub. (Through July 16)

Ken Polinski: Voyage to Brobdingnag
Ken Polinski: Voyage to Brobdingnag

Myths of the Near Future @ Nicole Fiacco Gallery, Hudson. An exhibition of sculpture, video installation, painting, and mixed media that takes its title from an inspired collection of short stories written in 1982 by J.G. Ballard. Artists include Joan Banach, Daniela Dooling, Barbara Ess, Elliot Green, Zohar Lazar, Les LeVeque, John Lees, Jason Middlebrook, Ken Polinskie, Kathryn Spence and David True. Also on view in the street level space is a solo showing by Linda B. Horn of digitally manipulated photographs from her Audubon Series. (Through July 17)

PHOTOGRAPHY NOW: EITHER / AND (Part One: The New Skew) @ Center for Photography at Woodstock. A group exhibition of photographers who are invested in an idiosyncratic, or skewed, take on image-making, engaging critically with the conventions of photographic genres, series, and ways of seeing, and creating work that exists on the peripheries of traditional photographic practice. Artists include Erica Allen, Gabriel Garcia Roman, Matthew Gamber, Sarah Palmer, Jordan Tate, Rachel Bee Porter, Charles Shotwell, Amy Stevens, Sam Falls and Laura Wulf. (Through July 18).

PURO AMOR (Nothing But Love) @ Martinez Gallery, featuring German Perez, Dan Burkholder, Catalina Arango, George Hofmann, and others to help celebrate the gallery’s 9th anniversary. (Through July 21).

The Space Within @ Saratoga Arts Center, Saratoga Springs. Paintings by Ben Schwab and Marjorie Derrick that reflect both artists’ interest in the construction of space. Artist discussion: Thursday, June 24, 7pm. (Through July 31)

Tristan Lowe: Mocha Dick @ Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown. Loew has constructed a 52-foot-long sculpture of the fabled whale from industrial wool felt. (Through August 8)

Local Self-Portraits @ Hudson Opera House, Hudson. A large group show self-portrait paintings, photographs and sculpture curated by Richard Roth and featuring a notable group of artists, all of whom live and work, exhibit work, or spend their leisure time in Hudson or Columbia County. Artists include Marina Abramovic, Richard Artschwager, Donald Baechler, R. O. Blechman, McWillie Chambers, Mihail Chemiakin, Judy Glantzman, Musho Rodney, Alan Greenblat, Nancy Hagin, Phyllis Hjorth, Ellsworth Kelly, Dylan Kraus, Barbara Lehman, Reggie Madison, Gerard Malanga, Maria Manhattan, Richard Minsky, Sedat Pakay, Ken Polinske, Lucio Pozzi, Eric Rhein, James Rossant, Dan Rupe, Edwina Sandys, Barbara Slate, Tim Slowinski, Ed Smith, Bill Sullivan, Earl Swanigan, Benjamin Swett, Franklin Tartaglione, Tony Thompson, and Arthur Yanoff. (Through August 14)

Norm Magnuson: Historical Marker from I-75 Project @ GCCA Catskill Gallery
Norm Magnuson: Historical Marker from I-75 Project @ GCCA Catskill Gallery

Define the Decade 2000-2010 @ GCCA Catskill Gallery. 24 artists frame the new millenium in a show of topical, political and controversial works. Exhibition preview here. Opening reception Saturday, June 19, 5-7pm. (Through August 14)

Andrew Neumann: PARTLYCLOUDYMOSTLYSUNNY @ Center for Photography at Woodstock. A solo show by multimedia artist Andrew Neumann, whose “industrial wall panels” incorporate LCD screens, exposed wires, motorized parts, language, codes, sound, photographs, film, and more in order to explore the relationship between technology and the world it is meant to serve. (through August 29)

Opener 19: Los Carpinteros @ Tang Teaching Museum and Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs. An exhibit combining drawings from the past ten years with recent sculpture by the Havana-based duo, Marco Antonio Castillo Valdes and Dagoberto Rodriguez Sanchez, who collaborate under the name Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters). (Through August 31)

Andrew Wyeth: An American Legend @ The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls. Works in pencil, watercolor, dry brush and tempera works, including sections devoted to early coastal watercolors and landscape paintings, as well as a look at Wyeth’s models, his interest in vernacular architecture, and his connection to both the Regionalist tradition and Magic Realism. (Through September 5)

Picasso Looks at Degas @ The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute, Williamstown. An exhibition examing Picasso’s lifelong fascination with the life and work of Degas. (Through September 12)

Summer Annual Exhibition 2010 @ Art Omi, Ghent. New additions to The Fields Sculptural Park include Marker #3 by Mel Kendrick, It Up and Her Leaving by Robert Melee, Light Installation from The Estate of Simon Ungers, and Standard by Franz West.

John Ransom Philips: Photographing You
John Ransom Philips: Photographing You @ Albany Institute of History and Art

Ransoming Mathew Brady: Re-Imagining the Civil War @ Albany Institute of History and Art, Albany. 25 recent paintings by John Ransom Philips inspired by the life of 19th-century photographer Mathew Brady and American poet Walt Whitman. A companion exhibition of 28 paintings is on view at Sage’s Opalka Gallery through July 30. (Through October 3)

Juan Munoz @ The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute, Williamstown. Works by Spanish sculptor Juan Munoz on the themes of themes of absence, memory, and paradox. (Through October 17)

Works as Progress/Works in Progress: Drawing in 18th and 19th Century France @ Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown. Drawings as used as aids in the artistic process. (Through October 31)

William Steig: Love and Laughter @ Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge. An retrospective of works by the late William Steig, the man renowned for his comic art and best-selling illustrated books like “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble” and “Shrek” (yes, the inspiration for the billion-dollar movie franchise) Also included in the exhibit are sculptures and assemblages by Jeanne Steig, his wife of 35 years. (Through October 31)

True and Honest Before The World @ Hancock Shaker Village, Hancock. For this 50th anniversary exhibition, 30 celebrity curators including Ken Burns, Yo-Yo Ma, Michael Graves and Al Roker chose objects from Hancock’s permanent collection of art, furniture, tools and textiles that for them best illustrate the Shakers’ ideals and influence. (Through October 31)

5+5: New Perspectives and The View From Here @ Storm King Arts Center, Mountainville. Storm King celebrates its 50th anniversary with two new exhibits. 5+5: New Perspectives features new or recent works five artists already in the Storm King collection (Alice Aycock, Chakaia Booker, Andy Goldsworthy, Mark di Suvero and Ursula von Rydingsvard) as well as five new artists (John Bisbee, Maria Elena González, Darrell Petit, Alyson Shotz and Stephen Talasnik) The site specific works will remain on view through 2010 and in many cases through 2011. Also opening is “The View From Here,” an exhibit in the Museum Building that documents Storm King’s history and evolution through archival documents, photographs and videos. (Through December, 2010)

Material World: Sculpture to Environment @ MASS MoCA, North Adams. Site specific installations using elements not typically thought of as artistic materials. Artists include Michael Beutler, Orly Genger, Tobias Putrih, Alyson Shotz, Dan Steinhilber, Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen. (Through Feb. 27, 2011).

Petah Coyne @ MASS MoCA
Petah Coyne @ MASS MoCA

Petah Coyne: Everything That Rises Must Converge @ MASS MocA, North Adams. This sentence says it all: “Her innovative use of materials includes dead fish, mud, sticks, black sand, old car parts, wax, satin ribbons, artificial flowers and birds, birdcages, and most recently, taxidermy animals, Madonna statues, and horsehair.” ($6 | Free for members) (Through February, 2011)

In a Labyrinth: The Dance of Butoh @ The National Museum of Dance, Saratoga Springs. Photographer Michael Manheim’s exhibition of professional Butoh dancers – a dance genre stemming from post-war Japan. (Through March, 2011)

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