Melissa Etheridge, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Melissa Etheridge (drawing by Charles Haymes)“I don’t remember the first album that I bought for myself. But I remember the first ones that my dad got me that were just mine.

He didn’t know his music very well, but he was real lucky in picking things out. He got me ‘Sgt. Pepper,’ Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ and the London Symphony Orchestra’s version of ‘Tommy.’ It wasn’t the Who’s version, but it was pretty good.

Those three albums I listened to over and over and over when I was about 12 years old or so. I guess it was sort of songwriter rock-based stuff.”

Melissa Etheridge kicks off the U.S. leg of her “Fearless Love” tour at the Palace Theatre in Albany at 8pm on Wednesday. Tix are $37, $57, $77 and $102.

(drawing by Charles Haymes)

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