Media Watch: MASS MoCA/Metroland Mix-Up

Modern art can be confusing.

But it seems as though the folks at MASS MoCA in North Adams – Nippertown’s gigantic bastion of modern art – are just as confused as the everyday gallery-goer.

Check out this MASS MoCA advertisement from the July 8 issue of Metroland:

MASS MoCA Metroland Ad

Maybe it’s some kind of conceptual art project…

  1. Graceful J says

    Too funny, I was just laughing about that with a co-worker! Nice default template text, huh?! It sure does emphasize the importance of proof-reading before sending something to be printed.

  2. Bill D. says

    Wow. All I can say is, obisquiatque ditatiatur serovitam, estis voluptur re pe odiae et latia plam repre quisti volum aceaque quiam, senis simus maio et rerspe cus coritasi conserio corum consequiaes et, nat. Conseque nullupt atiatur?

  3. Jason Steven Murphy says

    The horror.

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