Can somebody tell us what exactly is going on every Thursday night on North Pearl Street after the weekly Alive at Five concerts? It’s called Pearl Street Live. There’s a band playing. And they’re selling beer. But they are also shutting down a public city street to traffic and charging admission. Is this even legal? Sure, the streets are shut down for other events around Albany like Art on Lark, block parties in front of the TU Center, LarkFest, Pearl-Palooza, but admission is always free to those events.

No Emmy love for “Treme”? Really? Are you kidding? You mean to tell me that Khandi Alexander, Clarke Peters and Melissa Leo didn’t each deserve an acting nomination?

While we’re on the subject of the best television drama of the day, we have no idea what the heck writer Anthony Benigno meant when he described “Treme” as “a more morbid version of ‘Glee'” in a New York Daily News story last week.

And we’re appalled and insulted that the media continues to refer to the Gulf oil disaster a “spill.” A spill is when you knock over a glass of milk on the kitchen counter, not when you have 1.5 million gallons of milk gushing out of a hole in your refrigerator every damn day for three months.

Wanna rant about something? Go ahead and bring it on…

  1. LiLi says

    I was in the mood to rant, first day back to work and all, but yours here made me feel better…so I’ll just sit back and be…um, quiet, I guess.

  2. hojohifive says

    Airline food. What’s up with that?

  3. Greg says

    Thanks so much, Hojofive,
    You’re gonna be here all week, I assume.
    Try the veal.

  4. LiLi says

    America’s Got Talent wasted a spot on an air band and let the real bands go.

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