LIVE: Scientific Maps @ the Tang Museum at Skidmore College, 7/9/10

Scientific Maps
Seeing and hearing the Scientific Maps at The Tang in a duo context (their drummer and bassist couldn’t make it) on Friday night was quite an interesting experience.

Well, think about it… there’s only trumpet-playing back-up vocalist Donna Baird and electric hollow-body guitarist-singer Aaron Smith. That’s it.


But somehow, it worked musically.

The Albany-based Scientific Maps’ short, three-minute songs are well-crafted and melodically catchy, harkening back to the early ’60 jukebox sound and the radio-friendly pop songs of the British Invasion thing.

Unlike most of those tunes of yesteryear about hand-holding, surfing safaris and wild things, the Sci Maps’ songs have substance and depth, creating mental images to coincide with the contemporary now from a youthful perspective.

The duo was certainly engaging and friendly onstage, but they appeared a bit inexperienced in their presentation. They’ve got a unique sound and the songs to back it up. Now what they need is a little more seasoning in the spotlight.

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Scientific Maps

Scientific Maps

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