Odds & Ends At The End Of The Week

Back when we lived in downtown Albany, we used to be constantly stumbling over old, abandoned furniture left out on the streets on trash night. And here’s what we should have been doing with it all these years:

sedum covered armchair


Want to play LarkFest? The good news is that you don’t have to provide any sexual services to be considered . The bad news is that it will cost you $15 to submit an application. Four bands will be selected by a panel of judges to perform at Albany’s largest street fair on Saturday, September 25. Submit online here or here.

Laurie AndersonThe Awl’s Difficult Listening Hour: An Introduction to Laurie Anderson takes a look both at her early work (united States I-IV) and her latest work, “Homeland,” labelling her new song “Only An Expert” (which you can hear in its entirety) as one of the best singles of the year.

Also from The Awl: Game Over! EMI’s Virgin Records Unveils Groundbreaking Social Media Technology

World Listening Day, a day to explore phonography and celebrate the practice of listening. How does one participate? Go on a soundwalk, organize a listening party, break out the John Cage records, but most importantly, listen to the world around you.

(Thanks, Richard Lainhart)

Disturbing video of the week: Ashleigh Nankivell’s Helping Johnny Remember. Happy dreams tonight!

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