Salt!! Salt!! Salt!!

Angelina Jolie catches a ride from a tractor-trailer headed north on 787.

OMFG, Salt, a film with some scenes shot on Albany’s downtown highway ramps, is opening this weekend! And last week, there was a giveaway of free tickets for the Albany premiere on Thursday!! And the tickets were snapped up in a flash!! And lots of people were unhappy they didn’t get tickets!!

Actually, it looks like there’s one pair of tickets left for the Palace Theatre showing on Thursday that you can buy for $1 million (or best offer).

Or you could just wait a mere four hours after the Albany premiere starts and see it at The Spectrum in Albany, which is having a special midnight Thursday showing. Judging by the hysteria seen so far, if you’re planning on going to that show, you might want to buy your tickets in advance.

  1. -S says

    Time to see Inception again…

  2. LiLi says

    I don’t get what all the hubbub is about with this movie. It’s not the first one ever filmed in this area. Or is it just Angelina everybody is so hot over?

  3. Roger Green says

    It’s one of the first to really tie up traffic, so it’d BETTER be good.
    Oh, and Angelina.

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