Farewell to CRUMBS Nite Out @ The Linda

On Monday evening, CRUMBS head honcho Mike Guzzo posted the following on the CRUMBS blog:

Crumbs Nite OutNite Out at The Linda: The Last Gig – CRUMBS Nite Out at the Linda saw a slew of great bands come through the door. This Thursday will mark three years of Nite Out events with the Linda. Be sure to stop by for a farewell event as we get back to focus on CRUMBS Cafe. We’ll miss you Howard, Adam, and Kristen.”

Yes, sadly it seems as though the monthly CRUMBS Nite Out gatherings will be no more. But they’re going out in style – Thursday’s final event will showcase Alta Mira, as the band gears up for their Sunday performance at Rest Fest. And then that’s it for CRUMBS Nite Out.

And that’s too bad. The evenings featured a live music performance, interviews with the band, lively panel discussions and general all-around networking with other members of the Nippertown music community. And it was all free. I’ve had the pleasure to participate in the CRUMBS Nite Out action from a variety of different angles – as an audience member, as a musician and as a panelist – and it’s always been a fun and often enlightening good time.

I’m gonna miss CRUMBS Nite Out, and we here at Nippertown would like to thank Mike Guzzo and all of the other CRUMBS folks for providing such a fabulous showcase for live local music.

  1. Mike Guzzo says

    We are going to miss seeing you too. We’ll just have to get you in for Cafe.

  2. Rubypet says

    good bye Crumbs, you will be missed.

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