Media Watch: Keeping an Eye on Phantogram

Phantogram (photo by Sebastien Barre)
Phantogram (photo by Sebastien Barre)
Seattle Weekly – an alt-weekly newspaper from the state of Washington – published its 25th annual “Best of Seattle” issue earlier this month, and we were pretty tickled to read this entry:

Best Barsuk Release of the Year
Seattle’s other hometown label had an impressive year, introducing lots of fresh and exciting music from bands like Maps & Atlases, Menomena and Blunt Mechanic. But Barsuk’s best and brightest 2010 release came from a boy/girl electronic duo from upstate New York. Phantogram’s “Eyelid Movies” is a study in smooth, sexy dream-pop—hazy and sensual, but also intensely energetic, at times even danceworthy. Phantogram is more cool and sophisticated than indie, and quirky, which makes them a different sort of bet for Barsuk. And it proved a smart one: The duo’s spent the year touring with some big acts, playing Sasquatch!, and making a stop at Neumos—a visit that drew a line around the block. — Erin K. Thompson

We just love it when our own hometown best-ofs get a best-of shout-out from all the way across the country!

And as they say on late-night infomercials, “But wait – there’s more…”

Spin magazine raised Phantogram’s profile considerably this month with a two-page story on the Saratoga duo of Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel in its September issue. Hey, they even got their name on the cover!

David Marchese’s story isn’t very long, but he describes their CD as “seductively forelorn,” blending “moody guitar, sighing keyboards and yearning melodies with melancholy synth washes and scuffed trip-hop rhythms.” And there are several high-styled fashion photos by Nick Haymes (no relation) accompanying the story.

  1. Kirsten says

    I wrote one of the first articles about them when they were known as Charlie Everywhere… two years ago this week.

    Shortly after, they changed their name, thus avoiding the Metroland cover story curse. It’s cool to see how far they’ve come since then. I don’t remember a local indie rock band getting this big. (Except for Blotto of course.)

  2. Andy Gregory says

    To go along with Kirsten’s article, head over to CRUMBS Cafe Season 4, Episode 47 to listen to an interview with Charlie Everywhere:

    Here’s what Mike Guzzo had to say – “Keep a close eye on this band as there is a good chance they will blossom beyond what the Capital Region can offer.”

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