Remembering Chris Whitley

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the sublime singer-songwriter-neo bluesman Chris Whitley.

Whitley died of lung cancer in 2005, never having achieved the commercial success that he so richly deserved.

Here’s “Dust Radio” from his stunning 1991 debut album, “Livin’ With the Law”:

We’re also very excited that director Jonathan Mayor has been hard at work on a documentary film, “Dust Radio: A Film About Chris Whitley.” Here’s the trailer for the upcoming film, which is slated for release next year:

  1. Michael Hochanadel says

    Thanks for reminding us again what an amazing artist Chris was. I’m putting on “Living with the Law” right now.

  2. michael eck says

    Whitley’s work is never less than an inspiration. It’s ferocious, beautiful and transcendent. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll be listening to “Hotel Vast Horizon” today.

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