Hump Day Unusual Moment: Pesnyary’s Rushniki

Pesnyary was a nine piece Belarusian folk/rock band. Here’s their 1971 hit, Rushniki, featuring psychedelic/surf guitar over a distinctively modern sounding breakbeat. It ends with a bang, and then cuts to a rather hilarious shot of a completely underwhelmed audience.

Want to know what the lyrics are about? Here’s what Google Translate gave me. I don’t think it’s a perfect translation, but perhaps it has something to do with laundry?

Saturday Janka was driving near a river.
Under the willow Alain soap towel.
Share-Alain ford countryman,
Where is the horse to move to the river?

-Adchapisya, boy, go anyhow where,
NOT Musti I only clean water.
In mourning Janka head panic
Upustsila girl Belenky towel.

-Janka, my sakolik, help faster
Oh, floating-Rushnychok disappears from sight!
-Any Alain, but I’m afraid of water,
Potseluet first, because I utaplyus.

Supynivsya bay under the willow thick
Janke kissed on the river Lena.
So quietly on earth …
The river is far towel floated.

  1. LP says

    wow yes a bit unusual….speaking of that where have those nipperdogs been? I think I need a nipperdog fix.

  2. Kirsten says

    Yes we need Nipper dogs and they should be wearing hats.

  3. LP says

    Yeah….it has been at least a month…since we have seen them. What gives? Trouble with the ASPCA after the last post?

  4. Sara says

    They were at summer camp. They’re back now, and since The People have spoken, so there will probably be a photo on Friday.

    (Sorry, no hats; it takes an entire box of cookies to get them to pose that way, and Cale is on a vet-imposed diet.)

  5. Kirsten says

    Drat! The tinfoil shot made it look deceptively easy to outfit the dogs in head-wear.

  6. LP says

    I am having trouble waiting that long……We crave that special look when they wear hats… flare day is classic shot

  7. Andrew Gregory says

    Old Belarusian saying I just made up:
    собак в полотенце шляпы могут двигаться рек

  8. Sara says

    Wow, it’s like a Zen koan:

    “dogs in hats, towels can move rivers”

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