Live: Jackson Browne & Band With David Lindley @ the Palace Theatre, 9/7/10

Jackson Browne with David Lindley
Jackson Browne with David Lindley

In a mostly satisfying performance, it just took Jackson Browne too long to get it cranking with his band. His voice was in fine form, with his able duo of back-up singers and bandmates filling in certain vocal notes for him at times.

The band performance meandered along a bit too much in low gear, but each time he performed one of his great songwriting pieces, it did manage to soar. And fly high it did, especially near the end, when he finally strapped on an electric guitar to take it all to a higher level – perhaps a level that could have been reached and maintained earlier on in the set with his band.

As a friend exclaimed as we exited the theater, “Well, it was good, but hey – it wasn’t quite the Jackson from back in the day…” She had that right.

On the morning after, I played the “Late for the Sky” album as I went about my business. I found listening to the vintage, 36-year-old album to be more moving by itself than Tuesday night’s performance, but it was very fine indeed to see and hear the man alive and putting himself out there.

Review and photograph by Martin Benjamin

Michael Eck’s review at The Times Union
Excerpt from David Singer’s review at The Daily Gazette: “The most beautiful part of the show was ‘For a Dancer,’ with Browne on piano and Lindley on violin. It’s quite incredible how many great songs Browne has written. After this he let us all rest, including himself, with ‘My Problem Is You,’ before lifting the night to its highest point with the song ‘Late for the Sky.'”

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