Festival Fever: LarkFEST Music Schedule

Charlie Watts Riots
Charlie Watts Riots

LarkFEST is Saturday.

Yeah, we know that a lot of people are disappointed in this year’s musical line-up, especially after last year’s A-list headlining performance by Moby. And we hear you – loud and clear.

But we like this year’s line-up. A lot.

LarkFEST used to be about celebrating Albany’s own homegrown music scene, and this year, the schedule seems to be edging back toward that purpose with a pretty even 50/50 split between local bands and regional/national acts.

It’s not perfect, of course. We wish there was more musical diversity represented.

Justin’s, for example, is one of the few live-music venues that has managed to survive on Lark Street since the fest’s early days, valiantly serving up live jazz music five times a week – even during these economically trying times. So couldn’t we squeeze just one jazz band onto the LarkFEST performance schedule somewhere?

Anyway, here’s how the schedule shakes out for Saturday’s LarkFEST. Hope we’ll see you there:

10:10am: The Ill Funk Ensemble
11:10am: Rich Ortiz
12:10pm: Sirsy
1:10pm: KaiserCartel
2:45pm: Jim Keller
4:15pm: Chris Barron & the Time Bandits

10am: Skadee
11am: Tom McWatters & the Philo Beddoe Band
12noon: Charlie Watts Riots
1pm: Harper Blynn
2:30pm: Eli “Paperboy” Reed
4:30pm: Backyard Tire Fire

  1. Scott C. says

    People who COMPLAIN about the quality of the free music festivals and performances they are given are spoiled rotten and deserve much less. Please move to say, Utica, NY and then get back to me about your lack of “A-list headliners” and musical diversity! Also, they’ve never seen or heard Eli “Paperboy” Reed. Find some street vendor selling tube socks and buy a few pair, because Eli’s coming…to knock yours off!

  2. LiLi says

    I was only disappointed that Blotto wasn’t one of the bands. I live in Fulton County, there’s nothing here…

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