Song of the Week: The Weasels’ “Do the Teabag”

One of our fave Nippertown art-rock provocateur bands the Weasels come snarling and clawing their way back onto the scene just when we need ’em most – in the midst of the election season flurry (or is that fury?).

The vid features an all-star cast of Sarah Palin, Fred Gwynne, John Lennon, Florence Henderson, Charlton Heston, Uncle Sam, Chris Matthews’ leg, Ellen DeGeneres, Iron Eyes Cody, Jeremiah Wright, Marlon Brando, Ted Kennedy, Florence Henderson and, of course, Charo, to name just of few of the celebrities gathered together for this we-aren’t-the-world clip:

As Weasels vocalist-saxman Dr. Fun tells us, “We’re hoping it becomes something like a dance craze, except with less dancing.”

Yeah, this is gonna send a tingle up yer leg…

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  1. LP says

    Do the teabag…. catchy tune…dancing crazy….could be a hit the way things are going….may have potential as a political ad this season…a lot more interesting than any I have seen so far …ad nauseum…..

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