ArtBeat: Julie Anne Mann’s “Intrinsic Nature” @ the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery


Julie Ann Mann: Bled Dry @ The Courthouse Gallery
Julie Ann Mann: Bled Dry @ The Courthouse Gallery

The first piece that catches your eye and imagination as you enter the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery is “Bled Dry.”

High above your head are hundreds of delicate Queen Anne’s Lace woven together in a circular pattern and suspended by clear, light-reflective fishing line. On the floor below are “blood” drops carefully arranged in a circle. The power of the piece is its simplicity and thought-provoking beauty.

Welcome to the world of Brooklyn-based artist Julie Anne Mann and her captivating one-person exhibition, “Intrinsic Nature.”

Julie Anne Mann: Bled Dry
Julie Anne Mann: Bled Dry

Mann’s other work hangs around the gallery in two distinct series. “Forest Portraits” are finely detailed portraits of tree roots hand-etched in silver leaf set contrasted against simple walnut veneer backgrounds. Meanwhile, “Botanicals” consists of assemblages of natural elements – mostly seeds and pods – that are housed in various-sized wooden box frames.

With this exhibit, Mann has plugged into several of the art world’s contemporary trends – installations, found objects and organic assemblages – but what sets her work apart is her deep resonance with and respect for nature.

Gallery director and curator Laura Von Rosk has a keen eye for presentation in the intimate Courthouse Gallery space. She allows for plenty of breathing room for the work, and Mann’s exhibit is neither overwhelming nor cluttered.

The opening reception for the exhibit last Saturday evening was well attended with a noticeable spill-over from the Jazz Weekend audience.

Julie Anne Mann’s “Intrinsic Nature” will remain on view at the Lake George Arts Project Courthouse Gallery through Friday, October 22. Gallery hours are 12noon-5pm Tuesday-Friday and 12noon-4pm on Saturdays.

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Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk.

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Julie Anne Mann: Botanicals
Julie Anne Mann: Botanicals

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