Air Sex World Championships in Albany Next Week

Move over, Air Guitar.

Air Sex is coming to Albany.

That’s right, at 8pm on Tuesday, October 5 the second annual Air Sex World Championships national tour is coming to Jillian’s in Albany.

So – dare we ask – what exactly is Air Sex?

“It’s a lot like Air Guitar, but instead of rocking out with an imaginary guitar, you’re making sweet and/or filthy love with an imaginary sex partner,” explains stand-up comedian Chris Trew, who will be acting as the emcee for the event.

“You choose a clip of music. You show up in whatever sort of wardrobe you like. And you come up on stage and show everyone how you do it.

Or how you wish you could do it.

Or, you know, just do it however you want.”

You’ll have two minutes to do your thing.

To give you a better idea, here’s Colin Oscopy competing in Dallas just last month:

A panel of official Air Sex judges and local celebrities will determine the top three finalists, who will then return to the stage to perform their “act” to mystery song accompaniment. The grand prize winner will be determined by the audience.

According to Trew, the winner of each Air Sex show will win prizes (well, is that vague enough for ya?) and the opportunity to compete in a regional competition.

To register to compete at Jillian’s, email Chris Trew at [email protected]

Now start rehearsing…

  1. LiLi says

    Oh, geez, the things I’m reading today (not just this) are getting weirder and weirder… Is it a full moon or something!?

  2. J says

    Oh I’m showing up in a chicken costume for sure…or maybe a squirrel…

  3. Brian L says

    Bear F_cker suit we be PERFECT!

  4. kay says

    i’ll be sitting in the back

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