This Could Be Yours

`GG Roberts: Nico
Well, not this exactly. This is a painting of one of OUR dogs by G.G. Roberts.

Since we’ve been yakking about it daily for the past week, it may have permeated your brain that Art Saves Animals is this Thursday, September 30. If not, please let us reiterate that fact.

One really neat item won’t be displayed on any of the walls or pedestals. Instead, you’ll have to use your imagination to see it: a custom pet portrait by noted Nippertown painter G.G. Roberts. (some gallery images NSFW).

Here’s the original photograph that G.G. used to create the painting of Nico:

The original photo of Nico

And here’s another portrait she did from a photograph:

Kristin Romano and Tommy
Kristin Romano and Tommy

Tickets for an evening of wine, fine food and your chance to bid on this and other artworks (more of which we will be showcasing this week) are just $40, and the proceeds go to help The Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society in their efforts to save the lives of homeless, abused and abandoned pets in the Capital Region.

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