ArtBeat: All Raise This Barn (East)

MTAA: All Raise This Barn (East)

EMPAC is presenting The Filament Festival this weekend, and one of the kickoff events is an old-fashioned new-fangled barn raising. Using 21st century techniques, MTAA (artists Michael Sarff and Tim Whidden) are conducting All Raise This Barn (East), a group-designed and assembled public structure using a commercially available barn-making kit as the starting point.

The online voting determines architectural, aesthetic and labor choices, as well as whether the assembly will be collaborative or competitive. Part construction project, part participatory performance, the project explores the positive and also persuasive power of the community vote and its prevalence in contemporary society, from the Internet to reality television competitions.

Just some of the burning design questions: Will the barn-raising crew get snacks? Should the barn be painted red? Should the barn have cupholders? Should the barn be built by ghosts? You’re invited to vote on these and other questions of how the barn should be designed and constructed.

Volunteer may then participate in the group assembly/performance of the final work, which will be raised in one day on the VCC North lawn on the RIP campus, starting in the early morning hours on October 1st, as well as the the ribbon cutting ceremony at 5:30 PM. We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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