Be Here Now: Filament Festival @ EMPAC, Troy 10/1-3/10

Lars Jan, Early Morning Opera: Abacus (image courtesy of the artist)
Lars Jan, Early Morning Opera: Abacus (image courtesy of the artist)

Where to begin? It looks like we’ll be pitching our tent on EMPAC’s lawn so as not to miss a moment of what looks like a non-stop slate of cutting-edge multimedia performances, installations and artist talks at this weekend’s Filament Festival.

It all kicks off on Friday (tomorrow) with a ribbon cutting at 5:30pm for MTAA’s All Raise This Barn (East) (previously on Nippertown). In the Cafe, there’s an opening reception for the Festival from 6-8pm including the opening swing of Relative Realities, Volkmar Klein’s two story video pendulum that gives a sonic and visual peek into another world.

Other highlights (seriously, look at the schedule, we can’t even wrap our brains around it) include:

Early Morning Opera: ABACUS, a large-scale multimedia installation and performance that studies the distillation of data into cultural information, the art of persuasion and the obsolescence of national borders by examining the two dominant forms of persuasive discourse today: the TED-style (slide-based) presentation and megachurch media design.

Listeners will be surrounded and enveloped in sound in Studio 1 with Multi-channel Double Feature, a pair of 24-channel sound compositions created specifically for the space: Hans Tutschku’s agitated slowness and Volmar Klien’s Kristallgatsch / Strahlung.

Studio 2 is given over to a Live Shorts: three separate programs of performances from across the spectrum of dance, theater, music, and the visual arts, commissioned specifically for the festival. Working within the same set of constraints, artists will present varied and vigorous short works. Artists include: Wally Cardona; SUE-C & Laetitia Sonami; Steve Cuiffo; Trey Lyford, & Geoff Sobelle; Jen DeNike; MTAA; Miro Dance Theater; National Theater of the United States of America; and Trouble.

In the lobby, Yanira Castro’s Yanira Castro: Wilderness an installation and dance performance staged on a large, mulch-filled oval. Up to 40 audience members will be a part of the performance system, as their behavior influences the sound and movement.

There’s an exhibition of plexiglass process boxes summing up the experiences of 23 alumni of EMPAC’s artist-in-residency program, and on Saturday night there’s a free Revel with guest DJs Joro Boro (NYC) + Properly Chilled (Albany).

And that’s not the half of it.

Festival Passes are available for $35
Individual tickets to events : $15 | $10 | $5
(All installations, talks, the Friday night opening reception and the Saturday night Revel are FREE.)

Reminder: We’re giving away a pair of festival passes for this event.

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