MediaWatch: Let’s Put On A…Blog!


As we mentioned previously, J. Eric Smith has retired his Time Union based blog, but rather than set out all on his own, he’s invited a large and varied group of free-wheeling writers to join him at Here’s his initial manifesto and an update.

As he wrote to us in a note:

This initiative is designed to provide a non-commercial outlet for a collection of very-loosely-affiliated independent bloggers (me among them). There are 10 of us now, with plans to go to 16 and stay there for a while, to see how the model works at that level.

If you’ve enjoyed my piffle and tripe over the years at, at Metroland, at my Times Union blog, at Shipmate, or any of the other places where I’ve blathered, then this is where that sort of stuff will reside for the foreseeable future, along with a lot of other good stuff written by others.

Cool beans, we say.

  1. Kevin Marshall says

    Indeed! Those beans are cooler than the other side of the pillow.

  2. B says

    Interesting! I was just having an e-mail discussion about how few bloggers in the area collaborate. I’m pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. Looking forward to this…

  3. JES says

    Thanks for kind words and pointer in our direction. We are now at 12 participating writers, including some folks with prior online presence around here, and some new voices that have not been given public airing yet. We’re going to cap the thing at 16 writers, so we’re still entertaining proposals for the four final slots. See here for requirements and expectations if interested in joining us, along with instructions on how to submit a proposal:

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