Flashback: The Bert Sommer Interview, Part I

Singer-songwriter Bert Sommer was a man of many talents. He played his first gig at the Woodstock festival in 1969. Yes, THE Woodstock festival. He starred in the Broadway production of “Hair.” He was a member of the cast of the Saturday morning TV “Kaptain Kool & the Kongs.”

Hey, his picture was on lunchboxes!

Go here for more info on Bert Sommer and a video of his performance at Woodstock.

Anyway, we recently unearthed a way-cool vintage video interview with Bert Sommer. It was the first episode of “Sarge Blotto’s Hot Seat,” a series of 30-minute interviews with local Albany-area musicians. The show was a spin-off of “Real George’s Backroom” and was produced by Real George. The Bert Sommer interview originally aired on local public access television back in May, 1985 and likely hasn’t been seen since. Anywhere.

Until now.

Here’s the first half of the interview. Check back at Nippertown.com again tomorrow for Part II:

  1. Andrew Gregory says

    There must be boxes and boxes of “Backroom” and “Hot Seat” tapes stored in someone’s attic. It would be a real shame to let them deteriorate to dust.

  2. Robert M says

    Somehow/someone needs to fix the injustice of his name being mistakenly left off the stone monument at the Woodstock site

  3. Debbie says

    Totally surreal seeing him again talking & hanging out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. George says

    Thanks for dustin this off Sarge. Thems were good times. Hey, that was my livingroom. G

  5. Martyn says

    Let me just say here in public forum (again) that I would be vote for a dvd set of backroom buzzzzzz

  6. Dave Suarez says

    I still have the biggest smile on my face after watching you guys. Miss you Bert. Love you Sarge. And George, when are we going to see more of your stuff. I was at so many great shows where you were recording. Dan Hicks at Paulies Hotel comes to mind. Can’t wait to see part two.

  7. LiLi says

    Okay, so I’m probably the only one that doesn’t know this guy (or know that you even had this show). But, holy cow, wow, look at you Sarge! That was the year I joined the Blotto fan club. 🙂

  8. LiLi says

    Oops, I joined in ’83, brain damage…

  9. LiLi says

    The titles look like they were typed on a Vic 20.

    Tim wants to know if that’s Danny Zuko with a beard?

  10. hojohifive says

    where’s the Neighborhoods w/Robin Zander video from QE2?

  11. Rosemary Brennan says

    WOW! I remember “this guy” Bert. I was at Brockport when he played there in the bars and later met him in Albany~very charming, talented, and funny guy. So weird to see this…more than a Flash from the Past! Very entertaining and informative interview!
    When did he pass?

  12. Rosemary Brennan says

    Never mind ~got the year 1990 from the beautiful tribute page. The Fabulous Newports! I recall when he played with them! I really liked them. Bert was definitely a flirt! I recall that too!

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