Happy Birthday, Last Vestige!

Congratulations go out to the Last Vestige Music Shop in Albany, which is celebrating its 21st anniversary this weekend. Yes, finally, it’s legal for Last Vestige to go into a bar…

But seriously, folks, these days it’s rare enough for any independent business to survive for so long in our rapidly changing (and not for the better) economy – let alone an independent record store that’s been financially assaulted by all manner of digitally downloading, file-sharing and online business.

So congrats go out to Jim Furlong and his staff for continuing to provide Nippertown music lovers with a place where you can actually give your fingers a workout as you flip through the vinyl albums and CD jewel cases.

In honor of their anniversary, Last Vestige is throwing a huge sale all weekend long with just about everything in the store at 30-50% off. The sale starts today and runs through Sunday. So if you’re looking for the Jeff Tweedy soundtrack to “Chelsea Walls,” an old Bert Sommer album or a seven-inch single of the A.D.’s “Living Downtown,” Last Vestige is always the place to start your search…

  1. Andy M. says

    Long live vinyl! Long live Last Vestige!

  2. Alan Beberwyck says

    Congratulations, Jim Furlong… 21 years in business and you still rock.

  3. Martyn says

    They pay the bills when they can.

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