Be Here Now: Laurie Anderson’s “Delusion” @ EMPAC at RPI, 10/15-16/10

Laurie Anderson is an artist-writer-multimediaist-singer-violinist-recording artist-book maker-performance artist… Heck, we’ve run out of hypens.

No matter. At heart, Anderson is a storyteller, and whether she’s delivering a lecture or a hi-tech stage extravaganza, the narrative reigns supreme.

At 8pm on Friday and Saturday, Anderson brings her latest live presentation, “Delusion,” to EMPAC at RPI in Troy, where she developed the show during the past couple of years.

“Because I was at EMPAC, the direction of the piece changed,” she told Joseph Dalton during an interview for The Times Union.

“It was because they were able to put the equipment together so easily that it became a very visual piece. I’m used to things morphing into other forms. Sometimes I’ll start out working on an opera, and it turns out to be a potato print.”

Laurie Anderson’s “Delusion” will take over the stage at EMPAC at RPI in Troy at 8pm on Friday and Saturday. Tix are $15.

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  1. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Thanks for the shout, Nippertown!

    If you are interested in this show, I would buy tickets now – Saturday is currently sold out, and Friday is listed as very limited (which I would put at 30 tickets or less). If any tickets are released, we will be letting people know on our Facebook ( ) and Twitter ( ).

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