It’s the Weekend!

It's The Weekend!
Boy, I hate it when she dresses me up. I hope none of my friends see me.

Thanks to the wonderful writers and photographers who contributed to this week:
Rick Bedrosian
Ed Conway (first time contributor!)
Al Goldberg
Tim Livingston
Real George
If you’d like to see your name on this list next week, it’s simple. Just send us something – a review, preview, interview, photo, rant, whatever’s on your mind. We can’t do it without you. Remember, Nippertown is your hometown.

Thanks to the fab folks who contributed free tickets for our giveaways:
The Helllions of Troy
The Linda
The Capital Region Guitar Show/Saratoga Guitar

Thanks to the folks who provided review tickets for their events:
The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
The Linda

And, of course, most importantly – thanks to you, our devoted Nippertown readers. Please help spread the word…

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  1. LiLi says

    “This color totally clashes with my fur…”

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