Real Good for Free: Popcorn @ the Spectrum, 10/17/10

Spectrum 8 Theatres, AlbanyHappy 30th anniversary, Spectrum!

Well, no, it’s not actually the anniversary of the Spectrum 8 Theatres on Delaware Avenue in Albany. But Sunday does, however, mark the 30th anniversary of the Spectrum’s owners. The Four Movie Muskateers – Scott Meyer, Annette Nanes, Sugi and Keith Picard – launched their careers in movie theater ownership on October 17, 1980, with a screening of Francois Truffaut’s classic “Small Change” at their 183-seat Third Street Theatre in Rensselaer.

The foursome opened the Spectrum three years later, and they ran both movie houses simultaneously until they finally closed the Third Street Theatre in 1986. (Bonus trivia points go to anyone who can name the final film that was screened at the Rensselaer theater.)

In celebration of the anniversary, the Spectrum 8 Theatres will be giving away free popcorn to moviegoers on Sunday. With real butter…

  1. pjt says

    I think the last film screened was a James Bond film, “You Only Live Twice”

  2. Greg says

    PJT – Good guess, but no, that wasn’t it. Think a bit more along musical lines…

  3. LiLi says

    “Little Shop of Horrors”?

  4. martyn says

    Decline of Western Civlization?

  5. Greg says

    LiLi, no…
    Martyn, no, but you’re closer…
    Think a bit more British…

  6. LiLi says

    “Sid and Nancy”?

  7. Keegs says

    Absolute Beginners, duh!

  8. LiLi says

    If Keegs is right, throw him/her a Nipper biscuit.

  9. Greg says

    Yes, ladies & gentlemen, we have a winner! Julian Temple’s rock musical “Absolute Beginners” (starring David Bowie) was the final film screened at the late great Third Street Theatre.

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