Washington Avenue Armory Downsizes

The Washington Avenue Armory in Albany is apparently following the advice of comedian Steve Martin – “Let’s get small!”

Jay Baron, the Armory’s general manager, says, “Albany needs an event venue larger than a nightclub but smaller than an arena. We found the Armory’s original 4,300-person floor plan was too large a space to accomplish certain events, so we’re proud to announce the opening of the 1,200-seat F.Y.E Theater.”

Partnering with F.Y.E., the Armory will debut its new, smaller re-configuration on Friday night with the Sumgetalil Comedy Show Special hosted by Gerald Kelley. Comedian Michael Blackson will headline the evening’s laff-fest, which will also feature stand-up comics Rip Michaels, Roz G, Nema Williams and B. Burgess. In addition to the comedy cavalcade, the evening’s festivities will also include a fashion show.

The F.Y.E. Theater will feature theater seating, as well as additional standing room.

The Washington Avenue Armory will, of course, still play host to larger scale concerts and sporting events, including the annual Halloween concert by jam band heroes moe., who are slated to play at the full-size Armory on Saturday, October 30.

Tix for events at the F.Y.E. Theater are available at area F.Y.E stores, as well as the Armory box office.

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  1. John R. says

    While kind of a cool idea to bring in revenue, I wonder how they will fare going up against The Egg or Northern Lights who both have 1000+ capacity respectively. Seems redundant to have ANOTHER venue that size.

    Also, the General Manager’s statement is just kind of foolish. “Albany needs an event venue larger than a nightclub but smaller than an arena.” Don’t we have several already? The Egg (2 theaters), the Palace?

    I wish him the best but that statement just doesn’t make any sense.

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