Bye Bye to Boom Boom

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of Nippertown’s all-time great rock ‘n’ roll radio disc jockeys and all-around personalities, Boom Boom Brannigan. Brannigan, whose real name was Joe Motto, died on Tuesday.

Read The Times Union story here.

  1. Alan G. says

    Whenever I think of Boom Boom, it reminds me of the days when my childhood friends and I would listen to WPTR. We would all run over to Blue Note’s on Central Ave. and pick up our favorite 45’s, which were king back then. JW Wagner and Gil David were also popular DJ’s at the station. WTRY was in direct competition on the top 40 format, so we would always slide the dial between 980 and 1540. The only time that I recall seeing Boom Boom in person, was when they did a live feed at the Burger King on upper Central Ave. This had to be either ’69 or ’70.

  2. Joseph Deuel says

    WPTR was my main station all through the ’60s, the first radio station I ever listened to really. There will never be another radio experience quite like Boom Boom and that era. What a flood of memories! Rest in peace, Boom Boom!

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