Zombie Film Feast @ The Linda, 10/22-24/10

You just can’t keep a good zombie down…

Yes, The Linda in Albany is hosting its third annual Zombie Film Feast this weekend featuring a gruesome gathering of undead movies screening all weekend long.

Among the films are “Colin” (a new, low-budget – would you believe just $70? – British film shot entirely from the zombies’ perspective), Lucio Fulci’s “The Gates of Hell,” Michele Soavi’s “Cemetery Man” (based on the novel by Italian horror comic writer Tiziano Sclavi), “Resident Evil,” “The Horde,” “Zombieland,” “28 Weeks Later,” “REC2,” “Pontypool” and “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.”

But there’s a whole lot more than just movies going on at ZFF3. It all kicks off with a free opening night gala at 7pm on Friday. Check out the exhibition of comic book artwork and coffin art produced by dozens of Nippertown’s finest tattoo artists. Enter the video game competition at the Zombie Slayer Vault of Doom. Catch the free screening of the zombie short film “Alice Jacobs is Dead,” starring the great Adrienne Barbeau. And hang out for the post-movie Q&A session with the film’s director Alex Horowitz. There will be a cash bar and free hors d’oeurves.

On Saturday afternoon, the zombies will be gathering at the Washington Avenue Armory, where at 5pm they’ll launch the Zombie Walk up Central Avenue to The Linda. Get to the armory between 3-5pm and make-up artists will be on hand to assist you with your undead look so you can join in the parade. At 6pm on Saturday, the post-Zombie Walk festivities at The Linda include the participatory “Thriller” Dance Off, as well as the brain eating contest.

Wolf and Lovey from PYX106’s “Waking Up With the Wolf” will serve as emcees for the Zombie Prom at 9pm on Saturday with appropriately ghastly, live rock ‘n’ roll from Nippertown’s own Zombie Bomb. And someone – or something – will be crowned King and Queen with prizes and a creepy coronation. Partial proceeds will go to support the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby Team.

You can buy a full festival pass for $30, or buy tickets for individual films and events.

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