Live: The Black Crowes @ the Palace Theatre, 10/16/10

Wow, what a flashback.

I missed the first half of the Black Crowes’ show – the acoustic set – because I was checking out Laurie Anderson at EMPAC (that was a mind-spinning double-header of an evening, let me tell you), but by all reports, the acoustic half was even better than the later electric set. And the electric set was fabulous.

Bringing back the days of great Palace shows by Jefferson Airplane and Mountain, a sweet, pungent aroma wafted through the theater. Psychedelic stage backdrop and groovy lights. Chris Robinson, hands on hips, strutting around the stage like an amalgam of every great British rock star. The big, fat, crunchy power chords. The audience standing and dancing, enthusiastic. Perhaps a bit too enthusiastic in one instance, as a fan climbed onstage uninvited only to be given the bum’s rush by Robinson himself.

And the band has never sounded better. It was the first time I’d seen the band since Luther Dickinson (of the North Mississippi Allstars) signed on in 2007, and he’s a perfect fit with the Crowes’ soulful southern sound. He slid into Steely Dan territory during his guitar solo on “Make Glad” and peeled off quotes from “Hey Jude” during the first encore “Oh Sweet Nuthin’.”

Definitely a rock ‘n’ roll night to remember…

Soul Singing
Hotel Illness
Good Friday
Garden Gate
East Virginia Blues
What is Home
Thorn in My Pride
She Talks to Angels
Roll On Jeremiah
Wiser Time
My Morning Song
Jealous Again
By Your Side
Another Roadside Tragedy
Bad Luck Blues Eyes Goodbye
Make Glad
Could I’ve Been So Blind
Oh Josephine
Twice as Hard
Hard to Handle
Oh Sweet Nuthin’
And the Band Played On

  1. Sherr says

    Great Great Great show!
    My 10th time seeing them and by far the best show since the first few in the 90’s. They tore the roof off the place and the palace was filled with a great feeling! Totally agree with the classic “rock show” feeling. They just don’t make many bands like this anymore!

  2. steve ward says

    A great gritty and dirty rock show. The Crows always bring me back to many great 70’s shows at the Palladium and Capital theatre. A few notes…. Not every section of the Palace was covered with that sweet smell ( I got stuck with “Fire Marshall Bill”), the guitar licks from “Oh Sweet Nothin'” were an homage to Michael Bloomfeild from “Live Adventures…..” on his “Dear Mr. Fantasy/Hey Jude” cover (the Dead later picked up on this). And lets not forget the over-zealous fan who tried to get on stage. Chris Robinson’s mic stand cross-check was one for the ages. Sent that dude 10 foot backwards only to fall back into the front row and be “GREETED” by security. Almost as good as Dave Grohl’s move on the first Foo Fighter tour @ SUNY-Albany!!!!!!!!!

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