Bruce Hallenbeck’s “Cannibal Church”

All this week, is celebrating the haunted Halloween season. Here’s the first of our three-part offering for today…

Yes, vampires are all the rage these days. Books, movies, TV shows, etc. – they’re all about the blood-sucking’ Undead.

Apparently, back in back 1983, Nippertown’s premiere horror film auteur Bruce Hallenbeck – who was at the time a film critic for Metroland and the public access television show “Real George’s Backroom” – was way ahead of the curve. He was just finding his footing as a pro neck-biting filmmaker in 1983, when he shot his first 16mm footage for what he hoped would be his feature length debut, “Cannibal Church.” He wrangled a number of Nippertown’s rock elite as his actors, including Kevin Bartlett, Jim Furlong and Sarge Blotto. Alas, the original film was never completed, but the script was re-worked with a new cast and eventually saw the light of day – ARRRGH! – as “Grave’s End.”

But as a special Halloween season presentation, has unearthed some of Hallenbeck’s original “Cannibal Church” footage, which was broadcast back in the mid-’80s on “Real George’s Backroom.” Stay tuned for two more installments of “Cannibal Church” later today on, and be warned – this vintage scary stuff is not for the faint of heart (and NSFW):

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  1. kevin bartlett says

    OH MY GOD !! If I wasn’t already “dead” you should kill me.
    I actually have this footage, but it’s way too scary to watch and I don’t mean cause it’s a horror film.
    The scariest thing is that my keyboard playing is still just as bad, but I’ve managed to get the over-acting under control.
    Hey where’s the Sarge death scene ????? I have that !!!!!
    Cheers and Love

  2. Greg says

    Oh, it’s coming, Kevin. It’s coming…

  3. Greg says

    PS – Kevin, I can’t kill you. You’re the undead. Remember?

  4. Andrew Gregory says

    This all just sounds so very…”od” Now, where is my RPI tape of that…

  5. LiLi says

    That’s SO bad it makes “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” look Oscar-worthy.

  6. Bowtie says

    Kevin – you coulda KILLED in Rocky Horror! You missed your true calling.

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