ArtBeat: “Art-Hypnosis Hypnosis-Art” @ Upstate Artists Guild

As part of tonight’s First Friday arts walk from 5-9pm, Upstate Artists Guild will host “Art-Hypnosis Hypnosis-Art,” a new way of conditioning yourself in an art gallery setting.

“My goal is to allow viewers to gain confidence and personal insights using artwork to focus attention,” explains certified hypnotist George Guarino, who has installed three Art-Hypnosis works at UAG, “and to explore the relationship between the viewer, the gallery space and the use of a piece of art as a focal point for self-confidence and insight. My canvas is the space between the viewer and the piece of art.

“I intend to produce works that suggest and condition the viewer to go inside themselves through art and find their own ability to use this experience for future discovery and growth.”

Guarino – who longtime Nippertown music fans will remember as the producer of the cable television shows “Real George’s Backroom” and “Sarge Blotto’s Hotseat,” as well as the editor and publisher of “Buzzz” magazine – runs Hypnosis Works Well with offices in Clifton Park and Delmar. He will be on hand from 5-9pm tonight for the opening reception of the exhibit. Admission is free.

The exhibit will remain on view through Friday, November 26.

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