Media Watch: Metroland’s “New No. 1”

Metroland Magazine

For their annual Local Music issue – which hit stands yesterday – the folks at Metroland asked a number of their writers and other members of the local music scene to name some of their all-time favorite local bands.

They printed 13 of the responses as “New No. 1,” and it’s a damn good read.

So we decided to total up all of the bands mentioned in the story, and here are the tallies:

Fear of Strangers
Dirty Face
The Figgs
Super 400
Ashley Pond/The Ashley Pond Band

Real Danger
Small Axe
Jump Cannon
The Day Jobs
The AD’s
The Sharks
The Vodkasonics
Rocky Velvet
The Wait
The Gibson Brothers
The Brian Patneaude Quartet
The Orange
The Star Spangled Washboard Band
The Suggestions
Amy Abdou
China White
Trauma School Dropouts
Second Hand Smoke
Big Barn Burning
The Velmas
Erin Harkes
One King Down
Dying Breed
Wartime Manner
Addicted to Pain
The Disenchanted
The Walter Donnaruma Quartet

Well, obviously there wasn’t much of a consensus here, but then again, you probably wouldn’t expect one. On the other hand, there is a fairly broad range of bands represented – from Skinless to the Gibson Brothers to the Walter Donnaruma Quartet.

And, of course, 13 respondents is a pretty small sampling, too. Although at the end of the story, Metroland wrote “We got so many responses we didn’t know what to do with them all, so we put them on the Internet.” Unfortunately, we can’t seem to find them anywhere on that pesky Internet…

11/6/10 UPDATE: Metroland finally got around to posting some of their additional responses. You can find them here

So let’s open up the question to readers: What are your favorite all-time local bands?

Hit that comment button, please.

  1. Kirsten says

    I didn’t get to submit one because I was too busy writing the Tommy Love opus… but in addition to many of the bands listed here, I would have added Beef, Crawdad, my old friends Dryer and one of my all time faves — 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

  2. BFore says

    Uh, Tommy Love?

  3. Carol says

    Oh man theres a million of them – the AD’s, the Morons, Mechanical Servants, the Dialtones. Albany used to be so happening. What happened?

  4. Steve Nover says

    My all time favorite local band is still The Units/Fear of Strangers. around the same time The Executives with Jim Sande and Lisa Robilotta were a ton of fun. Mambo X w/Erin O’Hara and her magnetic charisma were fantastic but when they got popular it seemed there was never enough space for the dancers. The Figgs would certainly be on a short list as well as Super 400.I loved El Extreme in the mid 90’s and though I was a member the second half of the band encompassing both Luis and his repacement Dave Macks-the first year and a half I was a fan in the audience which made playing with them that much rewarding and pinch me gratifying. One last band would be The Stomplistics w/Dave Macks singing and also playing bass this time and the versatile Bernie Mulleda on guitar- 2 great co-leaders.

  5. MotherJudge says

    It was a tough assignment, and because it stated “bands,” I avoided soloists but that list could have been miles long. And I also tried to keep an eye on past & present. If anyone thinks the Albany scene is dead, well, the venues are too few, and in some cases the audience too scant, but there are so many great acts out there. Also remember the best Capital soul you never heard is going on every Sunday at your local Baptist/Full Gospel church. Also-rans for me were too numerous to list, but included: Donnybrook Fair, Kamikaze Hearts, Jill Hughes, the 518 hip hop collective, The Weasels, mambo-X, Nick Brignola & Chuck D’Aloia, Nobody’s Girls, Dirty Face, Rhythm Method, The Dronez, The Figgs, The Staziaks, Lughead, Tina Ward’s band (?), Dayjobs, awwww, so many more. There are many very good new & current bands that just need to go on a bit more to see how close to greatness they come. And many more outside the scope of my tastes.

  6. Sara says

    I think Tina Ward’s band was The Matterbabies?

  7. Brian Goodman says

    The Figgs are 1st

    Not to mention the bands that I was in…
    1313 Mockingbird Lane
    Susan & The Surftones
    Thee UMMmm…
    Knyghts Of Fuzz

  8. capgirl says

    Definitely Fear of Strangers, and can’t wait to see Val back in action next month.

    Close second was Blotto.

  9. MotherJudge says

    I’m cleaning my basement and as I live and breathe I swear I just pulled out a China White poster. Sorry for the omission, guys. 1313, yes.

  10. Rose Brennan says

    Wow~there were many great local bands to choose from in the 80’s when I was a dancing fool. Two that immediately come to mind though are The Executives and Units/FOS! Great dance bands!

  11. LiLi says

    1st — Blotto tied with Ramblin Jug Stompers
    the Lost Radio Rounders (formerly the Gospel Train)
    the Fighting 86’s
    Frank Jaklitsch & various Friends
    Kevin & Katie McKrell
    Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys

  12. LiLi says

    I’m having a brain blip, I can’t remember the name of the country band I used to follow (80’s) that they got sued or something and had to change their name so they held a contest and the winner picked the name Huntington Station. Can anyone remind me of their prior name? I loved that band until they got their new name, then it all went downhill.

  13. LiLi says

    To my question, is it Southbound?

  14. Bill Rella says

    Ok, in keeping with this trend of ex members mentioning their own ex bands, I’ll go on record and say Lumpen Proles (not to mention Real Danger or The Morons), but how bout The Verge?! You can look em up via Face, too

  15. Greg says

    LiLi: They were originally known as Southbound, then Huntington Station, then (minus Dave Burnham) Billy Montana & the Longshots…

  16. LiLi says

    Greg – thanks! I didn’t know they continued on after Huntington Station.

  17. Laura Boggs says

    Knotworking, Bryan Thomas, Katie Haverly, Mother Judge and ensemble 😉

  18. TerryM says

    When Johnny Raab had Eddie Angel and Gary Windo in the band they were hard to beat. Fear of Strangers/Units were great and i loved Jill Hughes soul band in the 90’s. The Figgs are right up there too.

  19. Andrew Gregory says

    The late 70’s and the 80’s are represented by the above comments, in mass quantities. so, I’ll roll with it. My favorites among the locals were Blotto (yes, yes) but also The Sharks, Units/FOS, Fabulous Newports, Dresden Pink, Penny Knight (yay! the’re back!), anything with Matt Smith. And od (actual spelling). Then there was the bands always cruising thru town: Harpie (LI prog), 805 & Mr. Edd (familial relations), NY Flyers, etc.
    I’m with MotherJudge on the state of the local music scene – it is NOT dead, it’s just different than what (many) believe were the golden days.
    As for Southbound, Billy Montana went to Nashville – now a critically acclaimed and award winning songwriter.

  20. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Seems like a good sample to me. I like 12 of the 13 scenesters selected for print!

    If it was bands coming through, The Hoods and the Works would have made my list.

  21. steve nover says

    I realized 2 omissions on my list;Rocky Velvet featuring Graham Tichy and one of the most exciting frontmen- Ian……… though they’ve disbanded it was great to see them at Tess’ benefit in Washington park and realuize how much they deserve to be on this list. Also i second the great Eddie angel / johnny rabb partnership -though I’m thinking of the Rockin’ Dakotas-I wasn’t sure if gary Windo was from that band.

  22. Tim says

    Ramblin Jug Stompers
    the Lost Radio Rounders
    the Fighting 86′s
    Frank Jaklitsch & various Friends
    Kevin & Katie McKrell
    Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys
    Ernie Williams and the Wildcats
    Out of Control Rhythm and Blues band
    just to name a few. What happened to “Out of Control”? I remember seeing them twice at the old Starlite Music Theatre. Once I think they opened for Howie Mandell when his opening act backed out or a conflict. The second time at the Startlite was opening for the Fifth Dimension. I think the Captain and Tennille was suppose to open (Wow, Nickelback did a cover of “Love will keep us Together”…What was that famous quote????No More Nickelback – Sgt Blotto???? LOL

  23. Shawn Stone says

    Anyone else fondly remember Home? or Rhythm Method?

    I ran out of time, that’s why I didn’t add anything to the section. But I would have added Mambo-X. (SL must have run out of time, too, I thought he was going to contribute a blurb about them.) I moved here too late for Units/Fear of Strangers, but loved Lonesome Val.

    Also, funny no mention of The Wasted or the KHearts–too soon??

  24. Shawn Stone says

    Also: Sorry for not posting the Web extra so late. It’s all my fault.

  25. LiLi says

    Tim– RE: “Wow, Nickelback did a cover of “Love will keep us Together”…What was that famous quote????No More Nickelback – Sgt Blotto???? LOL”

    Don’t instigate now – the current version is “No more Black Eyed Peas” and let’s keep it that way.

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