Yeah, It’s Possible to Have Too Much Money

Huh. Art is a tough business and apparently even millionaire artists have to take on the occasional private commission to get by.

J. Seward Johnson statuesWhether you loved or hated J. Seward Johnson Jr.’s life-sized, hyperreal bronze statues that popped up across downtown Albany this past summer, it’s interesting to note that some other works by the sculptor recently got drawn into a lawsuit brought by Prince Jefri of Brunei against his former business advisors.

But back to the statues—the best illustration of the strangely over-the-top nature of this case. There are a half dozen of them, made of bronze with a surface of skin-toned trompe-l’oeil, depicting the prince and his fiancée, Las Vegas siren Micha Raines, naked and life-size (and in certain particulars bigger than life-size) in various graphic sexual positions.

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