Live: A Day to Remember @ Northern Lights, 11/8/10

“I think this might be my actual favorite state ever!”

A Day To Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon was praising New York on Monday night at Northern Lights, but it’s a sure bet that some of the older members of the audience were thinking the same thing about his home state as the snowflakes fell down outside.

The Ocala, Florida band did their best to make the packed house explode in Clifton Park, and if they didn’t quite achieve that goal, they came close several times.

Mini mosh pits started swirling even before the first thundering notes of the opener, “2nd Sucks,” and the first bloody nose walked to the back of the room before the song was done.

Before “Why Walk on Water When We’ve Got Boats,” McKinnon informed the assembled, “I want to see the biggest @#$%-in’ circle pit Albany has ever seen,” and he pretty much got it.

ATDR’s songs boast growling metallic verses with big pop choruses, which makes for a refreshingly bipolar gang that can’t quite decide whether it wants to be Black Flag or Green Day and sounds better by splitting the difference.

The best songs on Monday – “NJ Legion Iced Tea,” “Homesick,” “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle” and “You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance” – hit hard and fast, sometimes accompanied by bodies flying through the air; other times by spontaneous mass pogo-ing. But each required some kind of physical release to accompany the sheer energy produced by the band.

“Monument” was dedicated to the opening acts, which included Underoath, the Word Alive and Close Your Eyes (all of which, like ADTR, share Christian members and themes). Rolls of toilet paper were launched and re-launched, some tangling in the rafters, during “You Already Know What You Are.” And the crowd gamely chanted along with “Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End” and the encore of “The Downfall of Us All.”

Later this month ADTR will drop its upcoming album, “What Separates Me From You,” but the crowd was already familiar with some internet tracks including “2nd Sucks” and “All I Want.”

And they knew every word of the rest of the set.

It was – oh, you can see this coming a mile off – a day to remember at Northern Lights.

Review by Dale Conway

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