ArtBeat: Uncertain Spectator @ EMPAC, Troy, 11/18/10

Jordan Wolfson: Uncertain Spectator
Jordan Wolfson @ Uncertain Spectator, EMPAC

Opening this Thursday, November 18, Uncertain Spectator grapples with the feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, unease and apprehension that currently permeate our culture. A group show featuring Graciela Carnevale, Anthony Discenza, Claire Fontaine, Kate Gilmore, Tue Greenfort, Susanna Hertrich, Jesper Just, Marie Sester, Superflex and Jordan Wolfson, the exhibit includes works spanning the genres of video, installation, sculpture, and interactive media.

And it’s at EMPAC, so you can be certain it’ll be both interesting and weird.

Uncertain Spectator asks individuals to cross a threshold — to place themselves in situations riddled with tension, confront deeply charged emotional content, and grapple with feelings of apprehension. The works presented deal with a general mood of uneasiness arising from recent political and economic events that frames a future rife with imminent threats. Uncertain Spectator not only responds to these unsettling situations, but also creates them by challenging individuals to step outside of a place of comfort both physically and emotionally.

The show is accompanied by an exhibition catalog that considers the role anxiety has played in philosophical discussions of existentialism, psychoanalysis and ethics, as well as a companion blog that comments on the prevalence of anxiety in current events.

The free opening reception is slated for this Thursday (November 18) at 6pm and includes a performance by the Troy Chainsaw Ensemble. Are you feeling anxious yet?

Following the reception, there’s a free screening of Lars Von Trier’s 2000 film, Dancer in The Dark, an unrelenting assault against escapism, starring Bjork. 7pm. We advise bringing tissues.

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