Pop Concerts at Tanglewood, 2011

James Taylor
James Taylor

Yes, we remember the days of the Bob Dylan-Ani DiFranco double-bill (1997). And, of course, Wilco (2008).

But last year’s schedule of pop and rock concerts at Tanglewood was nothing worth writing home about. (Note: Last summer’s Simon & Garfunkel reunion concert was cancelled to to Garfunkel’s vocal problems.)

Tanglewood’s 2011 pop music season continues the slump. Naturally, Garrison Keillor and his “Prairie Home Companion” crew kick off the shed’s summer season with a live performance for radio on Saturday, July 2. Musical guests TBA.

And of course, “Mr. Tanglewood” – superstar James Taylor – is back, too; it’s an annual summer passage at this point. He’ll mix things up just a bit by offering a concert in the intimate Ozawa Hall on Thursday, June 30, instead of the shed, which is where you’ll find him on Friday, July 1 (with the Boston Pops) as well as Sunday and Monday, July 3-4 (minus the Pops).

And while it’s nice that Tanglewood realizes the need to move on to something just a tad more contemporary than the usual moldy classic rock, did they have to settle for a band quite as innocuous as Train, who make their Tanglewood debut on Monday, August 8?

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  1. Andrew Gregory says

    Nope. They could of settled for Pomplamoose.

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