Best Albums of 2010: Mojo Magazine

It’s time for those year-end wrap-ups to start rolling in, and during the next month, we here at promise to drop as many of those Best Of the Year lists on you as we can possibly find.

Compare. Contrast. Debate. Ignore. It’s all up to you…

Here’s our first edition of The List for 2010, from British music mag Mojo:

1. John Grant’s “Queen of Denmark”
2. Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”
3. MGMT’s “Congratulations”
4. Edwyn Collins’ “Losing Sleep”
5. The Black Keys’ “Brothers”
6. Paul Weller’s “Wakes Up The Nation”
7. Midlake’s “The Courage of Others”
8. Phosphorescent’s “Here’s To Taking It Easy”
9. The Coral’s “Butterfly House”
10. Doug Paisley’s “Constant Companion”

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  1. Andy M. says

    The Black Keys album is one of the best things I’ve heard all DECADE. It should make many year-end lists.

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