Other Voices, Other Rooms

Filter Magazine weighs in with a sneak peek at the upcoming Anti- Records re-issue of Sean Rowe’s “Magic.”

Thanks to Daniel Nester for uncovering E.M. Weil’s fabulous vintage photograph of the NEBA Roast Beef Sandwiches and Mike’s Submarines restaurants that once resided at the corner of Central and Colvin Avenues in Albany.

Chris Busone is feeling the love from the folks at online music mag Thrust, who devote two pages to him and his new CD, “The 9,” in their December issue. Who else is getting props from Thrust? Well, that same December issue also includes feature stories on hitmaker Bruno Mars and legendary eccentric Jandek.

Sebastien Barre has a photo essay on last October’s Parade of Demons show at 182 River Street in Troy. In case you missed the show (we did) Kara Jefts curated this exhibition of portraits of otherworldly creatures in a variety of media by Seana Biondolillo, Alex Drum, Jennifer Farina, Sean McCausland and Jake Winiski.

At Get Visual, David Brickman reviews African American Masters at The Opalka and The 2010 Mohawk Hudson Regional at The Hyde.

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