Yarn Brings “Schenectady” to Schenectady


As a Schenectady native, songwriter Blake Christiana comes by his assessment of the city quite honestly, but it’s clear that he’s more comfortable looking at the city’s skyline in his rear-view mirror as he sings, “Schenectady / I been waiting for so long for you to comfort me / but this boy has moved on.”

Yes, Christiana and his band Yarn recorded their song “Schenectady,” for their third album, “Come On In,” which was released back in the spring. And now the alt-country band, which is based out of Brooklyn these days, has released a nifty little video for the song.

Just don’t expect the song to be embraced by the Schenectady Chamber of Commerce. The song is an honest – one might say “unflinching” – look at the Electric City. This ain’t no rah-rah-rah, hometown homage anthem.

For example, Christiana certainly doesn’t go easy on Schenectady’s Police Department:

“Good men go down
While the evil get crowned
No there ain’t no reason at all
We got cops doing lines
While beating their wives
Claiming they’re the law”

And there’s also this catchy little refrain:

“So if you’re born in this town
No need to look down
Cause life don’t get any worse”

Not exactly the stuff that’s gonna ring the bell of the Schenectady Tourism Board, is it?

And the video – which was filmed in Schenectady – doesn’t pull any punches, either. One of the key opening shots is a close-up of a traffic sign that reads “Dead End.”

When the album featuring the song “Schenectady” was released back in the spring, Yarn played their Capital Region CD release party in Albany at Red Square.

Well, now it seems that Yarn is finally heading into Schenectady to perform their song “Schenectady.” According to the band’s website, look for Yarn to step into the spotlight at the Van Dyck in Schenectady at 8pm on Friday, January 14.

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